Worried about subscribers fatigue?​

Your email list is your most valuable asset

Overloading certain subscribers with too much email, you risk losing them to what’s called email fatigue. It’s the emotion those subscribers feel and the effect it has on your open and clicks rates.

How big a problem is it?

During a study Return Path on the frequency of emails, they found out that subscribers with average open rates of 53% don’t expect more than 5 emails on a weekly basis. If users receive more than that, they tend to feel overwhelmed and quietly opt-out, 91% of subscribers choose to stay silent and unsubscribe rather than complaining or giving any feedback.

How can Hi-iQ help you solve subscriber fatigue?

Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm that prolongs the life expectancy of email subscribers and helps to maximize returns during the subscriber lifecycle.

  • Hi-iQ prevents loosing subscribers to fatigue by adjusting emailing frequency based on each subscriber’s interaction with previous emails from the same campaign.
  • Due to this change in frequency, fatigued subscribers are given enough rest to recuperate and can start interacting with the email campaign.
  • Hi-iQ can also evaluate the extent of fatigue in a fatigued subscriber, ensuring lower frequencies and appropriate resting periods for highly fatigued subscribers.

So stop worrying about subscriber fatigue and let Hi-iQ do the worrying for you.

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