How can we help improve your email deliverability?

What does email deliverability mean?

Email deliverability is the ability to successfully deliver emails to the subscribers’ inboxes without being flagged as spam by the email providers.

Is email deliverability really an issue?

According to Return Path’s 2017 Email deliverability Benchmark Report, 20 percent of email never reaches the subscribers’ inbox.

Email providers try to crack down on spam emails to better serve their customers. But the problem is that this spam email filtration process isn’t accurate. And if your emails are being marked as spam, your email deliverability is going to decrease.

How can Hi-iQ help improve your email deliverability?

Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm that not only prolongs the life expectancy and returns from email subscribers but also ensures improved email deliverability.

  • Hi-iQ has a unique targeting capability that sends your emails to those subscribers who are more involved with your campaign.
  • This way there are lesser chances of your subscribers hitting the ‘report as spam‘ button and hence there is no undue attention from spam filtering algorithms.
  • Low interaction of subscribers with your campaign’s emails can trigger spam filters, but with Hi-iQ’s targeting, you can improve your subscribers’ interaction with your emails.
  • Email deletion by subscribers is another metric considered in spam filtering logic, Hi-iQ’s targeting can lower immediate email deletion by subscribers.
  • Hi-IQ keeps tabs on each subscriber’s interaction with your email, changing the targeting strategy depending on subscriber’s current interaction with your email campaign.
  • Should previously obtained subscribers lose interest in your offering, there will be no undue attention from spam filtering algorithms for low engagement, spam reporting etc., because Hi-iQ reduces emails sent to such fatigued subscribers ( to know more about Hi-iQ helps solve subscriber fatigue, click here).
  • Ratio of sends to active vs inactive email addresses in a campaign is another metric tracked by spam filter and Hi-IQ’s dynamic targeting can stop email from being sent to inactive email addresses.