How to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a business metric that measures the total revenue generated by a customer over time.

And in terms of email marketing, it is the total revenue your subscribers generate for you over time. Tracking CLV can help you understand the value of retaining your existing customers.

Why is it vital to improve CLV?

A study by Harvard Business Review found that getting a new customer is about 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining the ones you already have.

So acquiring new customers is not only hard but also extremely expensive.

In order to maximize Return On Investment (ROI), it is in your best interests to maximize CLV.

How can Hi-iQ help you improve your CLV?

Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm that improves email deliverability, maximizes returns during the subscriber lifecycle and prolongs the life expectancy of email subscribers.

  • One of the biggest reasons that decreases email marketing CLV is subscriber fatigue. Hi-iQ can help prevent and take action to solve subscriber fatigue before it starts drastically affecting your ROI. To know more about subscriber fatigue and how Hi-iQ solves it, click here ( link to blog post ‘ Worrying your subscribers being fatigued?’ ).
  • Having disengaged ‘dead’ subscribers in your mailing list is a given in email marketing. But effectively managing these subscribers can improve your CLV. Employing Hi-iQ, you can reactivate some of your ‘dead’ subscribers back into engagement. To know more about the significance of ‘dead’ email subscribers and how Hi-iQ helps manage it, click here ( link to blog post ‘ How to manage your ‘dead’ subscribers with Hi-iQ’ ).

So, improve your CLV to improve your ROI.

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