How to manage your inactive subscribers with Hi-iQ

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention that most email marketers fail at.

Every email marketer out there has this in common – they never have complete engagement from their subscribers. In fact, a major part of their subscribers is comprised of inactive email subscribers.

Our partner, Campaign Monitor, conducted an experiment in 2013 and found that about 40% of email subscribers were inactive subscribers.

This phenomenon of subscribers falling into disengagement is bound to happen to any campaign from any marketer. And, the only thing that can be done is to gracefully manage your inactive subscribers.

Hi-iQ is a proprietary algorithm designed to maximize ROI from email subscribers and effectively manage your inactive subscribers.

It should be noted that these inactive subscribers were once invested in your offering and had signed-up to be your subscriber. The reasons for them falling into disengagement are numerous but value can still be coaxed out of this subscriber group if you know how to extract it.

Hi-iQ’s Long Term Reactivation (LTR) technology essentially puts these inactive subscribers in hibernation before attempting to strategically revive them through controlled exposure to your email campaigns.

Thus using Hi-iQ can jolt some of your inactive subscribers back into engagement.