How to increase ROI from Mailchimp by utilising Hi-iQ?

Mailchimp pricing depends on the number of sends and the number of subscribers. Or, as they say it, contact count and sends.

If you have a Mailchimp plan, you know that you have a threshold for your permissible number of sends and your permissible number of subscribers. If you cross this threshold, then you will be paying big bucks for the overages you incurred.

Since your entire email marketing strategy involves organically getting new subscribers, you have to constantly trim your disengaged audience list, to maintain your contact count according to your plan or you have to upgrade to a better, albeit more expensive plan.

Employing Hi-IQ, you can:

  • Set up limits for your subscriber or your sends, such that you would not have to worry about paying hefty overages.
  • Move disengaged subscribers to a non-billable state, so that they don’t eat into your valuable and limited audience numbers. Keep note that even though these subscribers are removed from your audience, Hi-iQ’s algorithm will still try to revive them back to engagement.
  • Send your email campaigns to those particular subscribers that are more involved with your emails, helping you increase your ROI per number of subscribers.
  • Regulate the number of email campaigns that less involved subscribers receive, helping you increase your ROI per number of sends.

Your time is probably scarcer now than in any other time in recent memory. Help us help you to reduce your cost and increase your ROI.