Find out why Hi-iQ is considered the best buddy of your Mailchimp account

Mailchimp is an All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses that helps you grow your business on your own terms. It is easy to use and provides a unique set of features such as setting up customer journeys, special design email templates, split campaigns, segmentation etc.

Along with the tools to send and manage your email marketing campaigns, Mailchimp also provides you with detailed and robust analytics. It can be overwhelming to navigate through these analytics and figure out how to best use your audience. That’s why we can help you interpret that information and use Hi-iQ to decide how you want to treat your audience.

Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm that absorbs your email marketing data and can make precise decisions specifically catered for you.
This way, you won’t have to risk confusion by extracting information from your analysis; instead, you can rest assured that our veteran marketing team has optimized Hi-iQ to better serve your email marketing.

The real benefit of Hi-iQ comes from the optimization of your mailing list which will directly affect the money you spend on ESPs. Hi-iQ shuffles through your mailing list, choosing the most active users and targeting them the most which allow for a bigger engagement that in turn saves money you’d spend on mailing potentially non-responsive customers.

Become an Email Marketing master with HI-iQ!