How to increase ROI from Campaign monitor using Hi-iQ

Campaign Monitor pricing depends on your email volume.
You can have as many subscribers as you want, but the core pricing strategy is based on your sends.
So the more emails you send, the more money you put in Campaign Monitor.
Every email marketing strategy only works when you have new subscribers signing up, so inevitably, subscribers count in your subscriber list will be going up

This situation will ultimately lead you to pay more money, because of the increased subscriber number.

This is reflected in two ways, you either:

  • upgrade your existing campaign monitor plan so that you have a higher cap on email volume.
  • you remain in the current plan, but pay extra for the excess emails sent.

Additionally you can trim your subscribers, but the work is tedious and takes hours, if you have a big mailing list.

But you could also consider using our intelligent algorithm to do that for you!

Hi-iQ can help with:

  • limiting your sends such that you are always in within your email cap
  • increasing your returns per number of sends, by targeting those subscribers that are more involved with your emails.
  • re-engaging those less-involved subscribers without putting any strain on the number of sends.

When you manually trim disengaged subscribers, you filter out people who don’t interact with your emails and remove them from your mailing list. And that’s it? Not quite!
There is still a small percentage of these folks who could be brought back to engagement.

What Hi-iQ can do for you is that it’ll identify disengaged subscribers and remove them from your mailing list so that you can better utilize your limited email volume, but with our technology, we will revive them back into engagement without putting any strain on your email volume and then bring them back to your mailing list.

This way your Campaign Monitor cost stays the same and the ROI you get from each email you send increases. Let us help you reduce your cost and increase your ROI.