Increase ROI from Mailjet using Hi-iQ

Mailjet’s pricing depends directly on the number of emails you send. You can have an infinite number of subscribers but according to your plan, you will have a limited number of emails that you can send to these subscribers.

If you exceed your Mailjet plan’s email limit, you will have to pay extra and Mailjet sells these extra emails in packets of 1000 emails. Extra usage cannot be deactivated, so you have to keep an eye on your volume of sent emails to avoid any unwanted charges.

This is especially hard since email marketing performs best when you have a steady stream of new subscribers signing up. With time, this will make you pay more. However, you can influence this by doing a number of things:

  • Either upgrading to a new plan with higher send volumes
  • Or buying extra packets of emails without upgrading your plan

Additionally, you can trim your disengaged subscribers but the work is tedious and can take hours if you have a big mailing list.

This is where Hi-iQ comes in.
Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm that can solve the above problems. Just connect your Mailjet account to Hi-iQ and Hi-iQ will help:

  • Limit your sends such that you are always within your email volume limit.
  • Increase your returns per email, by targeting those subscribers that are more involved with your emails.
  • Organically coax lesser-involved subscribers into the engagement.

When you manually trim disengaged subscribers, you figure out those people who don’t ever interact with your emails and remove them from your mailing list, forever, right?

But there is still a small percentage of disengaged subscribers who could be brought back to engagement.
What Hi-iQ can do for you is that it’ll identify and remove them from your mailing list, so that you can better utilize your limited email volume. But with our technology, we will revive these subscribers back into engagement without putting any strain on your email volume and then put them back on your mailing list.

Just Plug Hi-iQ and watch your returns from your email marketing soar!