How to connect your Mailchimp account with Hi-iQ

There are two parameters needed to connect your Mailchimp Account with Hi-iQ – the API Key and Audience ID.
Below you can find the steps that will help you find those parameters and once found, you’re welcome to share them with the Hi-iQ Team.


  1. Sign-in to your Mailchimp account, click your account name and then select ‘Accounts’, as shown below

2. Click ‘Extras’ and select ‘API keys’

3. Scroll down and copy your API Key

Audience ID

1. Scroll down and copy your API Key

2. Then click ‘Manage Audience’ and select ‘Settings’

3. Select ‘Audience name and defaults’

4. This List ID/ Audience ID can be found at the bottom left

If you need any further explanation or help, please contact us directly and we’ll be there to provide any sort of assistance.