Hi-iQ for Campaign Monitor

#1 intelligent algorithm that maximizes the value of each subscriber and reduces your platform cost

Hi-iQ + Campaign Monitor
Hi-iQ + Campaign Monitor

Hi-iQ for Campaign Monitor

#1 intelligent algorithm that maximizes the value of each subscriber


Cost saving

Cost Saving

Frequency management




Customer lifetime value

Lifetime Value





Cut the cost - keep the performance​​

If you’re spending more than $1000 on your ESP, you’re spending too much. Ensure you’re getting your money’s worth! Our powerful optimization tool helps to make sure the investments you’ve put in are paying off.


Not only will you be paying less money per email sent but the value you get from each subscriber actually engaging with content can help you increase ROI.

Intelligent algorithm identifies highly engaged users from day one​​

In order to help you maximize the value of each customer, we use a technique where the intelligent algorithm divides subscribers according to their level of engagement. That way you can be secure most emails you put out will be interacted with.


Hi-iQ will not only segment the engaged users, but also the inactive ones, setting them aside for later usage. From there they don’t affect your sending rate, but are still in the database, ready for another re-activation cycle. Maximize the value of your customers without spamming them.

Avoid compliance issues

Hi-iQ can be a very powerful ally when it comes to avoiding compliance problems. MailChimp is known to build your reputation as a sender is at a high level. Sometimes this can result in flagging your account as invalid.


Unhealthy listings, spammy subject lines, and a variety of things can influence issues. This is where we come to the rescue! The sophisticated algorithm behind Hi-iQ uses technology to identify problems with the database and helps you focus on an audience more likely to bring back revenue.

Improve deliverability

Sometimes your emails might end up undelivered. To prevent you from wasting money, Hi-iQ can ensure your subscribers are as engaged as possible and all your emails are being delivered.


Preventing bounce rates isn’t our specialty, but making sure your emails are targeted to users that are likely to open them and interact with your content is why we created this technology.

Easy to integrate - easy to use

Our easy integration is one of the reasons why Hi-iQ is unique. Besides taking care of the database and reducing the cost of email sending, the user-friendly interface of our technology is something we strive to emphasize. After you enable Hi-iQ, you will receive access to detailed breakdown of campaign performance based on user engagement. A free trend analysis dashboard for overall Email Performance would be accessible too.



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